What the Craic ?

What's the Craic ?

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Christmas arrives in our Irish Pubs with O’Santa Fest !

The magic of Christmas lights up the streets, and at O’Sullivans, our Irish Pubs shine with that same festive sparkle. For Christmas, our pubs transform into havens of celebration, where every corner breathes the warmth and conviviality of Irish...

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The Rugby World Cup on our screens at O’Sullivans

The levels of excitement and anticipation are rising rapidly as we await the arrival of one of the finest sporting competitions of the year, the long-awaited Rugby World Cup (or RWC2023) is coming! Between the passion of the teams and supporters, the...

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Autumn Sports Competitions

At O’Sullivans, sport is a language we know like the back of our hands and speak fluently! Not a day goes by without a local, national or international sports competition taking place somewhere in the world. These sporting activities mean so much to us...

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Discover the fascinating world of beer and the history of brewing!

As we all know, an aperitif at O’Sullivans without a pint of beer is as unthinkable as a summer without sunshine! We enjoy our pint any time of the day, but what do you really know about this wonderful...

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Saint Patrick’s Day, the celebration of Ireland

There are days that are celebrated annually with hand on heart. There are nights spent partying with friends by heading to one’s headquarters, the nearest O’Sullivans Irish Pub! March 17th is a very symbolic day for Irish people around the...

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