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Whether you’re passionate about Irish Pubs, the restaurant scene, or simply looking for a great new opportunity, O’Sullivans welcomes you. Join the adventure and help us write the next chapter of our success story!


O’Sullivans : Our Universe

O’Sullivans is much more than just an Irish Pub or a collection of nightlife venues. It’s a vibrant community of over 400 enthusiasts from all nationalities, spread across more than 20 unique locations throughout France, supported by several specialized support teams in HR, Accounting/Administration, Marketing, Purchasing, Security, Systems, and IT. Every day, our talents add a new chapter to our journey that began in 1995. Here, every role is important because each person contributes to making O’Sullivans as lively and unique as a carefully mixed exotic concoction.

Commitment and Ethics: Our Cocktail for Success

At O’Sullivans, workplace well-being, tolerance, and diversity are the pillars of our internal success. We are committed to fighting all forms of discrimination and to fostering a work environment that is both friendly and familial. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the well-being of our employees are not just concepts to us, but fundamental principles that guide our daily actions.

Our Environmental and Social Committee, established in 2022, represents our ongoing commitment to these values. Although its journey is still unfolding, its existence underscores our determination to create a caring and planet-friendly work environment. One of our long-term ambitions is to obtain the B-Corp Certification, reflecting our deep commitment to the environment and our desire to act sustainably and responsibly.

Your Development and Balance: Our Priority

Every journey at O’Sullivans is unique.

At O’Sullivans, we are committed to finding the ideal balance for each member of our organization between work, private life, team events, and relaxation moments. The health, well-being, and fulfillment of our employees are paramount, as they are the beating heart of our company. We firmly believe that supporting our employees in their personal and professional aspirations is essential for creating a harmonious and productive work environment.

In our constant quest to retain and value our talents, we offer training opportunities, both internal and external, and we encourage mobility. This includes geographical mobility for those wishing to relocate to align life projects and career, as well as internal mobility, offering possibilities for changing positions, retraining, or advancing within O’Sullivans. Furthermore, our annual reviews allow us to assess each individual’s situation, consider prospects for advancement, and understand their expectations, thus contributing to the collective success of the group.


A Word from Management


« O’Sullivans is a constantly evolving company, perfect for those up for a challenge, led by caring and accessible partners. Our core value: We don’t work for others but WITH others. We are all links in a chain where each link is important. Our mission: To do our utmost for the well-being of our collaborators, to value them, and to help them grow. »

Céline LOPES
Human Resources Director

The O’Sullivans Spirit

If our values resonate with you and you enjoy customer interaction and/or working in a friendly and familial atmosphere, O’Sullivans could very well be your next adventure!

We are always on the lookout for new talents to enrich our teams: whether you are a Bartender, Waiter/Waitress, Runner, Kitchen Assistant, Cook, Security Officer, HR professional, Accountant, Marketing, IT, or other, we have a place for you at O’Sullivans.

So, join our teams and…

… make a difference so that, together, we can grow O’Sullivans every day!


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