Friday, April 12


Retro Party

Back to the 90’s 2000’s Special Birthday Party

From April 11 to 14, it’s the anniversary of your favorite pub!

During this long weekend, we will celebrate our 12th anniversary together!

Every Friday is the 90’S 2000’S night at O’Sullivans!

Come dance to the hits of your youth with DJ Nams on the decks!

Relive the days when we listened to our CDs on our Walkmans.

“I’m talking about a time that those under 20 wouldn’t know.”

Brush up on your Spice Girls choreography (Wannabe) and come dance with us!

Our team is pumped to sing along with you to these hits from the 90s and 2000s!

👉 Happy hour: 5 PM/7 PM

👉 Open from 5 PM to 2 AM every night!

👉 Music by Dj Nams

👉 Free entry all night!