Every last Wednesday of the month

Grands Boulevards

House Party

HOUSE PARTY at Grands Boulevards

Dive into the electrifying atmosphere of the “House Party” at O’Sullivans Grands Boulevards!

Let yourself be carried away by the enchanting rhythms of electronic music during our must-attend event: the “House Party”! Every last Wednesday of the month, our pub transforms into a temple of House, transporting you to a vibrant universe where remixes of cult sounds will have you dancing until dawn.

Launch of HOUSE PARTY at Grands Boulevards: starting Wednesday, February 28, 2024!

Prepare for an unforgettable nightlife experience where music reigns supreme, blending intoxicating beats and an exhilarating ambiance. Whether you’re a regular at club nights or a newcomer eager for auditory discoveries, the “House Party” promises a total immersion into the captivating world of electronic music.

What to expect!

Legendary Remixes

Dive into the sonic frenzy with remixes of the greatest classics from the House scene. From electro icons to the most captivating underground sounds, our resident DJ has curated a musical selection designed to make you vibe to the rhythm of House.

Dance until the end of the night

Let yourself be swept away by the contagious energy on the dance floor of the “House Party”. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or a fan of more timid movements, the music will lead you into a rhythmic trance where passion and euphoria intertwine.

Don’t miss our “House Party”!

Every last Wednesday of the month, meet us at Grands Boulevards for a “House Party” that promises thrills and unforgettable moments. Join us and let yourself be swept away by the excitement of electronic music!