Every 3rd Saturday of the month


Singles Night

SATUR’DATE NIGHT at O’Sullivans Montpellier

Join us at O’SullivansPub in Montpellier every third Saturday of the month for a high-temperature singles night! ❤️

Dive into a vibrant and electric atmosphere, conducive to love at first sight, and increase your chances of meeting your other half.

We reserve a special night for the best new couple of the evening at a surprise location!

The concept of the evening: each time you buy a drink, we give you a card, and the goal is to find “your other half,” that is, to find the person who has the same card as you. ❤️

When you find them, come to the bar, and you can choose either a shot or a soft drink!

Come take shots or soft drinks at the bar, find your half for life or for the night, and try your luck to keep this unforgettable experience!

It’s time to have fun and maybe find that special someone!🥂

👉 Happy hour: 5 pm to 7 pm

👉 Music by M JON