Saturday, November 18, 2023


Pink Party

Pink Party au O’Sullivans Rebel Bar

« I’m a Barbie Girl, in a Barbie Woooorld »

Get ready for an evening that will make the night of November 18 shine at the Rebel Bar: the Pink Party! Do you want to experience a 100% pink night, in a Barbie-like atmosphere  ?

In the heart of le Marais, your favorite eclectic bar will be transformed into a pink and shiny world, so that you and only you will be seen in the spotlight.

Do you also see life through rose-tinted glasses ?

With a DJ Set planned to make you dance until the end of this night that promises to be completely crazy, come and wear your most beautiful glitters, pink leather jackets and rhinestone heels in the middle of the dance floor. Who will be the  most resembling Barbie and Ken?

And what could be better than a cocktail to match your own outfit? Discover our Pink Cocktail which will be specially prepared by our wonderful team at the Rebel Bar, who will also be dressed up and dressed for this totally “shiny” evening!

1 Dresscode, 1 Doll, Billions of Possibilities

For the occasion, we intend to go all out on the decoration so that you enter a universe totally different from what you have known in our festive Irish pub in  the 4th district. But be careful, as you can see, the dress code is essential!

Simply: We want pink, pink and more pink and above all PINK  ! Whether you’re looking for a classy, streetwear, vintage, sweet or sassy look, you get it, only the color will win!

Of course, there’s nothing to stop you from adding a little (or a lot) of glitter to all this!

Barbie Would Be Proud of You.

The Pink Party, a 100% pink DJ night, is on Saturday, November 18th at O’Sullivans Rebel Bar !