Love Halloween ? SO DO WE ! Love to Party ? So DO WE !  Get ready for Montpellier biggest Halloween party! 

Get ready to dance like a zombie, scream like a witch and howl like a werewolf at your favourite O’Sullivans Bar as we throw the BIGGEST Halloween Party yet !

Step into a haunting blood bath ambiance of typical O’Sullivans extravagance, as we pull out ALL the stops Wednesday 31st of October.

So grab your fangs, dust off your broom and dress up in your most inventive halloween costume and celebrate the day of the DEAD !


Freak or Fright… Are you ready for a thrilling night?

Expect nothing less than a night of paranormal activity that will surpass your wildest halloween nightmares as anything could happen on a night at O’Sullivans!

“The walking dead” aka “the staff” will be ready to welcome you into their horrifyingly festive universe, offering up bewitching potions and blood curdling cocktails, whilst our living dead DJ’s spin you around like the Exocist as they pump out their hell raising monster mixes until the early hours! Voodoo… Who do ? We’ll do what you daren’t do!! Watch out for the haunted widows conjuring up shots, join in the vampire dance-off and sign up for the wicked witches of the wet t-shirt competition !!

Dress to impress or dress to kill…  Dress Code SAINTS & SINNERS.. Be in it to win it ! Special prices and priority entry for those who follow the dress code!

Dress Code ideas… Werewolf, Gentle Vampires, Sexy Devils, Zombies, Witches, Living Dead, Monsters, Sinful Fathers or Naughty Nuns, Starving Draculas… whatever takes your FANGsy, check out our events for costume inspiration!

Come solo or with your mates, just make sure you make it to THE most memorable night of the year as we go jeepers creepers crazy !

So go big and we’ll go BIGGER for a frighteningly good night at O’Sullivans your first and final destination  !

With a France wide day-off the next day, theres no excuses not to celebrate with a HUGE night out !  (YES !  Thursday 1st of November is a national holiday)


Free Entry & Free Soda – all night for designated drivers, who leave their car keys at the entrance!

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Whether your in Paris or By the Beach, O’Sullivans is THE PLACE to be this Halloween! Check out the O’Sullivans House of Terror events