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Up to speed with the latest finger food trend? Yep, it’s time to down tools and eat with your hands…

Our O’Sullivans pubs might be authentic Irish pubs bringing together lovers of good beer and music for after-work drinks or a nail-biting night watching the football, but our food is inspired by different culinary traditions from all around the world. We serve up traditional pub grub like you’d find on the Emerald Isle, from fish and chips to burgers, but we’ll also treat you to a range of finger food from each and every continent.

Ever the hosts, Anglo-Saxon countries have long adopted dishes brought over by immigrants who settled there, which have become staples on pub menus all around the world. And we’re continuing the trend!

Our goal?

To make you feel relaxed in a home away from home, wherever you come from, with flavours to make you feel good!


Each O’Sullivans pub has its own special menu, with its own unique dishes. Burgers, the stars of our kitchens, are interpreted in different ways by each of our head chefs. We’ve got beef, naturally, and at By The Mill at Pigalle our burgers are prepared with Black Angus steaks. But we’ve also got marinated chicken, fish and vegetarian versions, including the famous Beyond Meat burger at Franklin Roosevelt. At O’Sullivans Mandelieu La Napoule we’ve got a halloumi version, made with the delicious grilled Cypriot cheese.

We love to add a typically English touch too, with melted cheddar and green relish, our sweet cucumber sauce which adds a green and slightly spicy note.

For a more Texan or Cuban flavour, head down to Rebel Bar in the Marais.


An easy, sociable way of eating that’ll deliver a satisfying snack fix or calm your growling belly when you’re hungry like the wolf!

Our finger food is rich, varied and international. Enjoy a Mediterranean moment with shawarma and hummus by the beach at O’Sullivans Mandelieu La Napoule.

Or make like a Canadian with our incredible poutine, that classic dish of fries topped with gravy and melted cheese. We’ve got several versions of it at O’Sullivans Grands Boulevards, but head to the Rebel Bar in the Marais for the famous original.

We’ve got Tex-Mex specialities with tacos and quesadillas leading the way, melting and tickling our tastebuds with their spicy sauce and smooth guacamole. Aficionados, get yourselves down to one of our pubs, it’s all on the menu.

Turn up the heat, be curious and try out our Guinness cheese or fluorescent green Gouda with wasabi. Coming with a crowd? Head to Pigalle for enormous cheese and charcuterie snack platters, or dive in to a mountain of cheese toasties waiting to be devoured at By The Mill. Explore France through its cheeses, duck delights and patés at Franklin Roosevelt, not forgetting to try out the pizzas whilst you’re at it.



Because going to the pub is all about having a good time with friends and meeting people, finger food and street food dishes are the perfect choice. Easy to eat and to share, whether standing up, mid-conversation, or watching the match on one of our big screens…

Nachos and fruity dips, spicy chicken wings, vegetable samosas, fried mozzarella sticks… And hot dogs of course! Get the New York flavour in the heart of the Marais at Rebel Bar with tasty hot dogs stuffed with a classic meat sausage, or try our vegetarian version. For tapas and open-faced sandwiches, it’s off to Spain at O’Sullivans Montpellier!

Our latest culinary discovery comes from China: bao buns, stuffed and steamed and begging to be eaten whilst strolling round the streets. Ready and waiting to be tasted at By The Mill!

Sharing platters, or cheesy slices of margherita or ham and mushroom pizza are classics that are perfect as an aperitif, late dinner or snack during the game.

And because our tastes are constantly changing and there’s always something new to discover on our travels, we’ll make sure our menus keep up with the trends.

Take it from us… beer’s not the only reason to come down to O’Sullivans…

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