Rock N Roll Bingo Mandelieu
31 May 2020

Get ready for the ultimate Pub Quiz !

If you go down to the Pub tonight…you’re in for an amusing night !

Your favourite O’Sullivan’s is bringing a night of musical madness, quizzical quizness to an Irish pub near you!

Ladies & Gentlemen…

It’s time for FUN ! Number 41 !!

That’s right folks ! Grab a pint, grab a pen and get ready for…

[[ Drumroll please ]]

ROCK N ROLL BINGO at O’Sullivans by the beach


YES ! Bingo with a twist !

It’s THE Pub Quiz of the moment !

Who said Bingo was a Grannies game? Not us, and we’re going to prove it !

If you love Blind Tests, Triva Pursuit, or just a good old Pub Quiz, you’re going to LOVE ROCK N ROLL BINGO!

You’d better come knocking, as this Pub will be ROCKING !

The rules are simple, the prizes are fabulous and you’re sure to be dancing in your seats by the end of the night !

Contestants ready? DJ ready ? Lets play BINGO !

Er..hold up…


Well for starters…You’ve got to be in it… to win it !

Each player recieves 1 bingo sheet (1€ per sheet) with 25 boxes containing randomised names of aritists. Throughout the game the hostess with mostess aka DJ DJU will pump out some cracking tunes & all you have to do is…find the singer & fill in the box !

Easy right ?

And the best bit ? Cheating is ENCOURAGED !


Ask the audience, call your mum…or Shazam the hell out of it !

The aim of the game ?

Cross out the box, fill in the lines !

Winner Winner… Chicken Dinner !


So come join us once a month, as O’Sullivans Pub Mandelieu goes bingo crazy !


Check out our Facebook event for prizes, dates and more !

Test your musicale knowledge at the best pub quiz in the South!



One thursday per month

1€ per Bingo Sheet (One sheet, with 5 Columns containing names of Singers)

⛔??????? 3 ?????? ??? ?????? ⛔

⚠️ ????????? – You can only win twice in one night ! ⚠️