Vin-chaud-maison -Mandelieu

In the mood for a mulled wine ?

This year hasn’t brought us Christmas markets or ski trips… But we still have a winter delight to draw comfort from.

Our mulled wine will put a smile on your face, and help you survive the winter and power through these difficult times!

If, like us, the vision of empty streets leaves you sad and confused, we’ll show you how to magic up some fun and friendliness from absolutely nothing! OK, almost nothing!

O’Sullivans Irish Pubs have rolled out the barrels and can treat passers-by to a homemade mulled wine – delicious and full of sweet spices that will tingle your taste buds and warm weary hearts!

And if your stomach’s rumbling too, our kitchens serve:

  • potato or sweet potato fries with truffle oil and optional raclette supplement
  • hot dogs in a traditional baguette, with raclette included!
  • delicious homemade desserts at our Pigalle bar – gooey chocolate cake with a hazelnut centre, raspberry macaroons with whipped cream, seasonal fruit pies and ultra-soft yoghurt cake!



And hot cider - the delights of winter on the streets of PANAME!

To max out the pleasure and mix up the seasonal drinks menu, we also serve hot cider – fruity and flavoured with a secret mixture of spices…

Cider or mulled wine leave you cold?

We’ve got something else to warm you up:

  • Irish coffee, Baileys coffee
  • Coffee 1€
  • Cappuccino, tea and hot chocolate
  • Guinness on tap – classic stout and Hop House 13 lager
  • Paname craft beer bottles from Paris microbrewery Paname Brewing Company, sold individually or in a pack of 3.

So where's the fun?

Our O’Sullivans pubs liven up their local neighbourhoods – find yours!

Opening hours: 12pm to 5.45pm