OKTOBERFEST 2022 beer festival
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30 October 2022



The famous beer festival returns to our Irish pubs


After three consecutive years without being able to celebrate Oktoberfest, the famous beer festival is back!

Since 2015, Oktoberfest, the Munich beer festival, has been exported and recreated in our bars in Paris and Montpellier. Even our Irish pubs are inspired by the beautiful Bavarian tradition of tasting good beers and good food !

Oktoberfest ? What’s that? Literally meaning the ”Otober Party”, Oktoberfest is now one of the most important German traditions, it’s even a national holiday in Germany!!

Celebrating the best of Bavarian beers, accompanied of course by the famous Wurst sausage, roast meats, bretzels and other culinary specialities. Much to the participants delight, the celebration lasts more than 2 weeks in Munich (where it’s held). Starting mid september and up until the end of the first weekend in October.

Join in the Otoberfest festivities and you’re guaranteed to share a moment of fun and laughter. The tradtion brings together all generations. Sing, dance and enjoy the traditional music… and some Pop…  because well, just because.

Typically, at O’Sullivans, you know we love to celebrate!

So, where and how do we celebrate beer at O’Sullivans?

 Whether you’re in Paris or in the South of France, all our O’Sullivans pub-restaurants are taking part in Oktoberfest 2022 by offering special offers on ”craft beers”.

From September 20th, each of our festive bars are offering a special Oktoberfest beer which will be at a  Happy Hour rate day and night, check our our respective social networks for more info!

For us, beer is serious business, let it flow freely, in all it’s colours! Whether you are a fan of local or trendy craft beers, a fan of the more traditional beer, whether you like it blond, dark or amber…whether you miss Oktoberfest or are just simply thirsty: sit down with a good fresh pint. O’Sullivans Oktoberfest was made for you!

So, Girls get your prettiest dirndl (what’s a dirndl?), boys, put on your lederhosen (what’s a lederhosen?), feathered hat and come raise a mug of beer with us !

Prost !

Of course, there’s no shortage of nights to keep your evenings lively, starting with our infamous Back to School .


So? What are you waiting for?  Come and celebrate Oktoberfest 2022 in our Irish Pubs  :

O’Sullivans By The Mill

O’Sullivans Grands Boulevards

O’Sullivans Franklin D.Roosevelt

O’Sullivans Rebel Bar (Châtelet)

O’Sullivans Cergy

Mais aussi nos autres bars :

The Bootleg Bar

Pub Saint Germain 


Montpellier  and Mandelieu celebrate the O’Sullivans Oktoberfest beer festival!