Halloween Freak Show
16 March 2020


Halloween 2021 is approaching… frighteningly fast and for those in the know… there’s only one place to go…

O’Sullivans Pub Mandelieu !

Are you ready for … O’Sullivans Mandelieu Halloween Party 2021?

Roll Roll up ! Roll up !

The Halloween Freak Show is coming to town !

Or to Mandelieu to be exact !

That’s right folks, the double headed demon ring master has rounded up the freaks, the headless clowns and the dancing devils… ready to give you a Halloween Party to remember!

Welcome to the FREAK SHOW !

Enter…if you dare !

Join the Circus Freaks and The Candy Man aka DJ Manu Gregorio Sunday October 31st for a SCREAM of a night out!

Get your fangs into one of our famous burgers, slurp up a blood curdling cocktail and get join the suicide squad on the dance floor, it’s Halloween 2021 and at O’Sullivans Mandelieu is where the party’s at!

So get up, dress up and come down to murder a beer or two!

Happy Halloween… & remember folks… Til death do us party !

The dress code is easy… we’ll leave it to you, the scarier the better… and remember they’ll be a photographer to imMORTalise the night !

Not sure about your costume for Halloween?

Clown? Zombie? Squid Game? Take inspiration from our gallery! Or check out our photos of the last few Halloween Parties !

What you waiting for? Join us for the biggest theme night of the year… O’Sullivans Halloween 2021 in Mandelieu will be bigger than the pandemic !


Please be aware to minimise the Outbreak and Escape World War Z, you will need a valid health pass (pass sainitaire) to enter !


 O’Sullivans Freak Show

Sunday October 31st

O’Sullivans By The Beach Mandelieu

Theme : Creepy Circus

Dress code : Halloween

5pm – 2am



Not on the French Riviera ?

Check out and check into one of our O’Sullivans Paris bars and join in their O’Sullivans Halloween Nuclear Fall Out Partys… or head west to O’Sullivans Montpellier !