It's time to go Back2Skool
16 September 2021

Back to school 2022 in your Irish Pubs

“Back to School” Party, the start of the 2022 school year in O’Sullivans!

And yes, whether it’s classes or work, the start of the 2022 school year is coming soon; farewell holidays and hello to you dear students and workers. After a special “EPS” edition in 2021, we come back this year with themes that will inevitably remind you of your (very) young years. For the occasion our Irish Pubs in Paris and the South offer you an intensive planning, save the date!

From soft rock’n’roll to childish tunes, the ambiance is most definitely “Old School”. Nostalgia guaranteed, get ready to party all night long!

Model student or “Rebel”?

This year it’s not just the traditional dress code of the US high school girl or the elbow tweed of the handsome kid from London. No, for the start of the 2022 school year we want to see who the school prefects, the hidden demons and the rebels.  Get dressed to impress!

From Billy to Britney B***h, and back to 2Pac, let out your inner schoolboy in any one of our playgrounds; Pigalle, Châtelet, Cergy, Grands Boulevards and Mandelieu-la-Napoule.

Same, Same…but different!

Celebrate the start of the school year in the best bars in Paris and the South!

There’s nothing like a good old shindig to mark the end of summer season Our party bars attack right from Happy Hour with “hot hot hot” offers!

Shots or Cocktail? The choice is yours ! And the choice will determine if you are a rebel or a model student! Animations and goodies at #afterwork, are you ready?


Whether you are grunge or nerdy, there’s something for everyone at our “Back to School” party!

DJ set all night, photobooth, cool prices, costumes… a unique atmosphere in each O’Sullivans.

If you are on the side of Cannes, enjoy the party Friday September 9th at O’Sullivans By the Beach, where a costume competition awaits you… with a lot of surprises ripe for the taking!

Parisians? You have the choice for the start of the 2022 school year. September 16th and 17th, prepare for a weekend of festivities on  in our Irish pubs on the Grands Boulevards and Franklin D.Roosevelt.

If you want to relive your teenage rebellion years, it is at the Rebel bar that you will find your fellow camarades on September 17th! It’s up to you to judge who is the most rebellious of students.

Our student bar in Cergy also goes ‘school mode’ and catch their “cool prices” on September 24th.

And if you definitely want to rebel, then O’Sullivans Pigalle will awaken your inner Punk during the  Rockmy  on September 29th. Do not miss the recreational before set: ping-pong, rings, basketball etc.

So…Ready for the marathon?

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