Another season, (the seventh to be precise) of the RBS 6 Nations 2019 KICKS OFF Friday the 1st of February ! If you’re a rugby addict, then catch EVERY live rugby games in your favourite sports bar !

Thats right, whether you’re a France fan, a kilt wearing supporter of the Scottish or a wee bit Irish (well your nanas sisters husbands mum was Irish, which makes you kinda Irish!) you’ll find the game and the ambiance to match in any one of our O’Sullivans pubs!

And remember, it won’t just be the last minute try or the penalty kicks that keep you glued to your seats. We’ve got awesome game-time meal deals that would sway even the most biased referee ! Take a time-out and get stuck into a juicy burger, scramble over the last chicken wing or just enjoy the good game on our giant screens over a refreshing beer !

From the first kick to the final whistle on the 16th of March, we’ll keep the ambiance higher than the tension on the side lines, the beer flowing quicker than Guilhem Guirado.. and of course you’re sure to SCORE at our crazy after-match partys that go on way past extra time!

So for all the sports lovers, the rugby fanatics and the party players… get onside and watch it live with us !!

O’Sullivans Paris is ze place to be ! So… be there, early, if you want the best seat in the house!


To find out more about our exceptional offers, where to find your closest O’Sullivans or for further information click here!

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6 NATIONS MATCH CALENDAR ( French local time)

01/02/2019 21:00 France – Wales
02/02/2019 15:15 Scotland – Italy
02/02/2019 17:45 Ireland – England

09/02/2019 15:15 Scotland – Ireland
09/02/2019 17:45 Italy – Wales
10/02/2019 16:00 England– France

23/02/2019 15:15 France – Scotland
23/02/2019 17:45 Wales – England
24/02/2019 16:00 Italy – Ireland

09/03/2019 15:15 Scotland – Wales
09/03/2019 17:45 England – Italy
10/03/2019 16:00 Ireland – France

13:30 Italy – France
15:45 Wales – Ireland
18:00 England – Scotland


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